fuck this, i’m stupid

Nice things about myself:

1- I have a good taste for music

2- I fucking love Tay and TPR

3- I like to stare her ass and boobs in pictures

4- I’m very retarded, mainly, with friends

5- I would like to know all my followers and the people who follow me, to we can talk about Taylor boobs.

When you get this send this message to five of your favorite blogs :) Do a post or whatever publicly saying five nice things about yourself :)

Okay :))

But do I have to receive this 5 times? ‘-‘

Hey! I’m tracking here! Damn paparazzi! @BaroodyDrums @JonMcCormack3

Hey! I’m tracking here! Damn paparazzi!

Please keep Taylor and TPR on my dash!!! Believe me it is that amazing ^^

You’re awesome, dude. Thank you so much.

I’ll keep them in your dash while I can reblog my favorite blogs!

Thank you love ♡